• 100% Genuine Cowhide Leather, no Interlayer, no artificial leather, one piece of leater.

  • The bottom and edges of the belt have not been specially processed,pure natural high quality soft leahter belt,so there may be some natural texture more or less on leather surface.

  • The strip width:1.5inch.Buckle dimension: Long 2.4inch, Wide 2inch.

  • Important Note: Please be sure to know the buckle size and view the size reference on left image carefully before place order.

  • Advise: If your usual size pick is 34US, we suggest to buy Size Medium(32"-34").

  • All our leather strips are selected strictly by first layer of piece of full grain leather, thereby to guarantee the quality and service. Please feel free to contact us firstly once got any problem, we are always here for U.

    Full-length of belt not include buckle length:
    Belt is measured starting with strap head without buckle to the tail of the belt.

    Trim Method:
    If you got the belt and find it's longer for you, it could be adjusted by yourself. Just use a screwdriver to open the buckle on belt, remove covering from belt, and then cut strip suitbally, finaly tighten back buckle.

    Belt maintenance methods:
    (1) Please place the leather belts in ventilated dry place when they are unused.
    (2) Keep away from water; when the leather belt was caught by rain or water in daily wear, please wipe it with a dry cloth without delay, or the water stains will slowly penetrate into the inner layer of the belt.
    (3) Clean leather belt with dry cloth; you can use a special leather cleaning solution if necessary, but forbid to use washing liquid link to alkaline or acidic, this will cause damage to the cortex.
    (4) To avoid belt mix with other accessories; The belt can not bend over or touch with sharp objects, it will cause physical damage to the belt.
    (5) Keep dry with buckle; Most belt buckles are made from metal, so keep it away from acidic or alkaline object, which will protect the buckle from chemical damage.
    These are the basic maintenance methds that is the simplest way and easy to do. We believe the life of your favorite high-end belt would become longer under your some awareness and good habits.

    Heepliday Men's Fashion Leather 15003 Belt Men’s Clothing store - HN93CRH4B

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    Heepliday Men's Fashion Leather 15003 Belt Men’s Clothing store - HN93CRH4B

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